We just published a new edition of Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws. This is the seventh edition.  A new edition provides an opportunity to go through the whole book and evaluate the organization of it, whether there is material that is outdated and needs refreshing (beyond that undertaken in connection with regular annual updates), and to take a fresh look at the content and coverage. It’s a fair bit of work.  But, for me, it also remains a wonderful opportunity to learn from my co-author, Joe. And learning remains the best part of this job even still. With two highly opinionated writers going back and forth on what to include or omit and how to characterize certain recent Commission actions or court decisions, it’s an engaged writing and editing process. One of us is always running late with the revisions because deals have a way of coming up. In any event, we hope that the new edition honors the purpose of the book and its original author, the great Charlie Johnson, and remains practical and user-friendly and unafraid to express a view here and there too. 

To encourage you to read it if you’re not already a committed fan, our publisher is providing a discount