Sixth Edition, 2022 Update

What’s new in the 2022 update of Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws?  Quite a lot. 

Highlights in the update include discussions addressing: digital currencies, electronic document delivery, “green bonds” and sustainability-linked bonds, developments in the convert market, which was particularly active in 2020 and 2021, and developments in the insurance-linked market. The update also addresses the amendments to the MD&A requirements, the enactment of the Holding Foreign Companies Accountable Act, direct listing-related developments, including amendments to the securities exchange rules and the Ninth Circuit decision arising out of the Slack Technologies’ direct listing, and recent IPO trends.

To learn more, see the book’s dedicated website and info sheet.

Sixth Edition, 2020 Update

Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws is the “go to” resource which explains the mechanics of corporate finance together with the statutes that govern each type of deal.  The updated Sixth Edition covers a wide range of financing techniques – from IPOs to private placements and other exempt offerings, shelf-registered offerings, offshore offerings, stock buybacks, tender and exchange offers, debt restructurings, spin offs, convertible securities, asset backed securities and insurance linked securities. It also addresses liability issues and due diligence, anti-manipulation rules and the capital markets related FINRA rules.

With the addition of Mayer Brown Partner Anna T. Pinedo as a co-author, Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws is an even more valuable resource to help you navigate capital markets transactions in the current legal and regulatory environment. The 2020 Update adds a discussion of business development companies to join REITs and MLPs in the chapter on pass-through entities and adds a discussion of SPACs and reverse mergers to the chapter on IPO alternatives.

Key objectives of Corporate Finance and the Securities Laws:

  • Identify potential problems before financing transactions are set in motion, with heads-up input on prohibited practices, potential liabilities, conflicts of interest, due diligence concerns and other red-flag issues.
  • Shepherd transactions through the regulatory landscape with a clear understanding of relevant statutes and rules and their application to real life situations.
  • Know what to do when securities law problems arise – and find clear answers to the questions that arise in the course of a deal.
  • Close deals in a timely manner and work shoulder to shoulder with clients to accomplish their corporate finance objectives.