January 24, 2024 Webinar
12:00pm – 1:00pm ET
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How are companies navigating the complex and evolving landscape of corporate governance in the 21st century? What are boards doing to help companies meet the challenges and seize the opportunities on behalf of their shareholders and other constituents? How do answers vary with factors such as industry, sector, region, organizational type, and size?

To answer such questions, Nasdaq recently conducted a large, broad, cross-sectional survey of directors and officers and compiled the results in its 2023 Governance Pulse Forum report. The report provides a rich and nuanced picture of the current state and emerging trends in corporate governance, as well as insights and recommendations for increasing its effectiveness in a wide range of different corporate settings.

For a behind-the-scenes look at these valuable lessons for boards and their advisors, join us in conversation with Nasdaq’s Head of Board Advisory (Americas), Kaley Childs Karaffa. We will discuss key findings from the survey that reveal differences and similarities in corporate governance across contexts, how to customize best practices for specific settings, and ways to leverage the results of the Governance Pulse Forum report as a resource for benchmarking, learning and improving effectiveness.