November 17, 2022 Webinar

1:00pm ET

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Knowing where and how to invest in human capability can be material in Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosures and can be a sustainable and competitive differentiator.

During this webinar, hosted by The Conference Board, panelists will present a framework for human capability to disclose, monitor, and deliver value. This framework draws on decades of theory, practice, and research including the Organization Guidance System (OGS) to identify talent, leadership, organization, and HR initiatives that deliver stakeholder value, and has been tested and validated using machine learning/AI technologies with data from 7000+ SEC-reporting companies. Research based on this datashows that companies investing in human capability have substantially higher financial performance, employee productivity, and social citizenship.  

Other topics include:

  • Why human capability matters in today’s changing business world
  • Emerging use of machine learning/AI technologies as a methodology for assessing human capability and its impact on business results
  • Implications of this framework and research for organizations seeking to upgrade choices, disclosures, and actions about their human capability


  • Bratin Saha, Vice President of Machine Learning and AI Services, Amazon Web Services
  • Dave Ulrich Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business at University of Michigan
  • Ram Charan, Business Author and Advisor
  • Rebecca Ray, Executive Vice President, Human Capital at The Conference Board