September 28, 2022 Webinar

12:00pm – 1:30pm CST

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The SMU Rowling Center for Business Law & Leadership presents this panel based on Professor Marc I. Steinberg’s recent book Rethinking Securities Law (Oxford University Press), which was awarded Winner Best Law Book of 2021 by American Book Fest. In addition to Professor Steinberg, the panel includes some of the foremost experts in securities regulation:

  • The Honorable Harvey Pitt, former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission;
  • Mr. Alan Dye, coauthor of the seminal treatise on Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act;
  • Professor Joel Seligman, coauthor (with Loss and Paredes) of the premier securities regulation treatise; and
  • Professor Christina Sautter, a nationally-known expert who focuses on mergers and acquisitions.

Professor Steinberg will present an overview of several key positions taken in the book, including those focusing on capital raising, the disclosure framework, insider trading, the federalization of corporate governance, and the SEC itself. Thereafter, each of the panelists will provide his or her analysis and commentary. If time permits, the panelists will respond to questions from the audience.