Next week, on December 16, 2020, at 10am ET, at an open meeting, which likely will be the last for Chair Clayton, the Securities and Exchange Commission will consider several interesting matters.

The SEC will consider final rules regarding resource extraction payment disclosures.  This is a Dodd-Frank Act requirement pursuant to Section 1504.  These rules were originally adopted in 2012.  Then, faced a court challenge.  Then, were vacated by a US District Court.  Then, new rules were adopted.  But then, those new rules faced a Congressional Review Act challenge.

Another matter, not without some controversy, also appears on the agenda.  The SEC will consider whether to approve a proposed rule change by the New York Stock Exchange relating to direct listings.  The SEC had approved the plan, which allowed for a primary offering component, but then stayed the approval order to consider a petition to review the SEC approval order.

Finally, the SEC will consider whether to adopt amendments under the Advisers Act to update the advertising rules.  See the meeting notice here.