Corporate Secretary Webinar
May 1, 2019
11:30am – 12:00pm ET

As recent events have shown, CEOs’ activity on social media platforms such as Twitter can raise serious regulatory and reputation issues for both themselves and their company. Saying the wrong thing or disclosing at the wrong time can raise concerns ranging from potential violations of the securities laws to putting the issuer in conflict with its shareholders.

It is, therefore, important that boards understand the potential risks of CEO social media use, how to prevent problems and how to respond if a crisis arises. Governance teams are key to educating and preparing directors, and to ensuring the right policies and processes are in place.

Partner Anna Pinedo will join Martyn Chapman (Nasdaq Governance Solutions), Courtney Kamlet (Syneos Health), and Ben Maiden (Corporate Secretary) to discuss issues including:

  • What is the board’s role in the oversight of – and liability for – a CEO’s individual use of social media?
  • How should the board get involved in issues regarding the use of social media by an executive or the company?
  • What should the board’s involvement be in crisis management as it relates to social media?
  • How can governance teams help boards prepare for a social media-related crisis, and help the board through the process once an event has occurred?

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