Nasdaq Inc. plans to propose a rule to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that, if adopted, would allow stock exchanges (such as Nasdaq Inc. and the New York Stock Exchange) to provide smaller public companies with the option of limiting the trading of their listed securities to a single stock exchange.  Presently, numerous secondary stock exchanges facilitate trading in public company securities even though the securities are separately listed on the company’s primary stock exchange.  The proposed rule would likely increase total trading volume on the smaller public company’s primary stock exchange and, as a result, has the potential to increase the smaller public company’s liquidity and access to capital.  Securities trading on private venues is not expected to be impacted by the proposed rule.  Allowing more trading options for smaller public companies appears consistent with SEC Chairman Jay Clayton’s stated goal of making the U.S. stock market more desirable and attractive for smaller public companies.  The SEC is requesting public comment on the proposal.