A PIPE refers to a private placement of securities of an already-public company made to selected institutional investors wherein, investors enter into a purchase agreement that commits them to purchase securities and requires the issuer to file a resale registration statement covering the resale from time to time by the investors of the privately purchased securities.

  • What’s the Deal? – PIPE Transactions (Guide)
    In this What’s the Deal? guide, we provide an overview of the PIPE transaction format.
  • Introduction to PIPE Transactions (Presentation)
    This presentation covers the basics of a PIPE transaction and legal considerations associated with undertaking the financing.
  • Top Ten Practice Tips: PIPE Transactions by SPACs 
    This practice note discusses ten practice points that can help you, as counsel to a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) or its placement agent, execute a PIPE transaction alongside a SPAC business combination transaction.
  • MB Microtalk: PIPE Transactions (Podcast)
    This microtalk discusses the basic structure of a PIPE, or private placement by an already public company.
  • PIPE Transactions vs. Registered Directs (Chart)
    This chart compares and contrasts the characteristics of, and benefits associated with, PIPE transactions and registered direct offerings.
  • Investor Status (Chart)
    Various securities regulations, including exemptions from the securities registration requirements, in the United States incorporate limitations on the types of investors that may participate in a transaction. This chart describes the most important categories to consider for US transactions.
  • At A Glance: PIPE Transactions (Infographic)
    This infographic covers PIPE transactions market trends in 2021.

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Treatises and Books

    Practising Law Institute (Third Edition)

Exempt and Hybrid Securities Offerings provides a detailed analysis of the regulations and guidance affecting exempt and hybrid securities offerings, including PIPEs and private placements, as well as offers market context and practical structuring advice. To access a free version of the PIPE Transactions chapter, click here.  For more information about this treatise, visit our dedicated resource page.

    Bloomberg Press (Second Edition)

This revised and updated guide presents the views, voices, and invaluable expertise of leading practitioners from all specialties in the field.  Partner Anna Pinedo contributes Chapter 5, The Law: Legal & Regulatory Framework, to the Regulatory Landscape and Structural Alternatives section of the guide.  The guide can be purchased here.

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