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High Yield Bonds: The Complete Issuer’s Guide (US Edition) (Mayer Brown)
This extensive Guide is a useful tool for companies seeking to raise capital through the issuance of high yield bonds. Written in plain-English, the Guide simplifies the complexities of high yield covenants and provides practical advice and tips for drafting and negotiating the covenant package.

High Yield Bonds – An Issuer’s Guide (5th European Edition) (Mayer Brown)
This 5th European Edition is primarily intended for first-time issuers, to help business owners, chief financial officers, treasurers, in-house lawyers and other key stakeholders evaluate the pros and cons of issuing high yield notes.

High-Yield Bonds in Asia – The Complete Issuer’s Guide (Second Edition) (Mayer Brown)
This latest edition includes additional information regarding key covenants, negotiation approaches and the latest trends in high-yield packages for Asia-based issuers. We hope that this Guide will provide issuers with a reference tool to navigate the high-yield market in Asia and manage their indenture compliance analysis post-issuance. English| Chinese| Bahasa Indonesia



High Yield and Leveraged Finance in Europe March 29, 2023 | Seminar