JOBS Act IPO On-Ramp Accommodations 
This chart summarizes the accommodations made available to emerging growth companies (EGCs) as a result of the JOBS Act.

Comparing the Registration, Reporting and Governance Requirements for Domestic (U.S.) Companies and Foreign Private Issuers
This chart summarizes briefly some of the benefits available to, and the accommodations made for, foreign private issuers (FPIs) that elect to register a class of securities with a U.S. securities exchange and offer securities publicly in the United States.

Comparison of Filing and Disclosure Obligations for Domestic Issuers, FPIs and MJDS Issuers
This chart compares and contrasts in summary form the principal registration and ongoing reporting requirements applicable to U.S. issuers, issuers that qualify as FPIs, and issuers that choose to rely on the Multijurisdictional Disclosure System (MJDS).

Summary of Differences between the NYSE and Nasdaq Listing Standards
This table summarizes some of the key differences between the requirements for companies with securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the requirements for companies with securities listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market.  This table includes sections that summarize the differences between the two exchanges in their qualitative listing requirements, corporate governance standards, website posting requirements, and listing costs.

NYSE Versus Nasdaq Global Market Principal Quantitative Listing Requirements
This table summarizes the principal quantitative requirements; there are also qualitative requirements.

Issuer Communications and Safe Harbors
This diagram illustrates the types of communications that are permissible in the context of a securities offering.

Regulation A Tier 2 vs. EGC On-Ramp
This chart compares briefly the requirements associated with conducting a Regulation A Tier 2 offering with a concurrent listing of a class of securities on a national securities exchange, with the requirements associated with undertaking an initial public offering (IPO) as an emerging growth company (EGC).

Scaled Disclosure Accommodations for SRCs 
This chart summarizes the disclosure accommodations available to companies that quality as smaller reporting companies, or SRCs, under the securities laws.

Market Trends 2017/18: Lock-up Agreements
Partner Anna Pinedo discusses lock-up agreements in a recently published Lexis Practice Advisor® Practice Note.

Top 10 Practice Tips: Lock-up Agreements
Partner Anna Pinedo and associate Joanne Sur-Young discuss the top 10 practice tips to consider in drafting and negotiating lock-up agreements.

Market Trends 2017/18: IPO Prospectuses – Avoiding and Responding to Common SEC Comments
Partner Anna Pinedo and associate Ali Perry examine some of the issues most commonly raised in initial Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) comment letters on registration statements filed for initial public offerings (IPOs).

IPOs, Follow-On Offerings, Road Shows, and Earnings Guidance: FAQs on Publicity, Communications, and Offers
Partner Anna Pinedo and associate Vanessa Browder provide answers to questions frequently asked by securities lawyers and their clients regarding the federal securities laws applicable to communications and publicity matters involving companies conducting initial public offerings (IPOs) and other securities offerings under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (Securities Act).

Top 10 Practice Tips: Comfort Letters
Partner Anna Pinedo and associate Ryan Castillo discuss the top 10 practice tips for navigating the task of reviewing and negotiating comfort letters.