January 20, 2023 Webinar

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm ET

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2022 was a year marked by the market’s increasing preference for structured financing alternatives. During this session, panelists Syed Raj Imteaz and Anna Shearer of ICR Capital joined by Mayer Brown’s Anna Pinedo will discuss market trends within the structured debt and private convertibles sector, as well as issues to consider from a legal perspective.

Topics will cover: 

  • The building blocks of a convertible;
  • Differences between a private convertible and a public convertible, as well as benefits and drawbacks of each;
  • Structuring toggles;
  • Various types of investors;
  • Variations of pre-IPO convertibles;
  • Converting pre-IPO convertibles to 144A convertibles upon an IPO, and the legal and practical considerations; and
  • Structured debt with warrant transactions for private companies.