February 22, 2022 Webinar
12:00pm – 1:00pm EST
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What if the De-SPAC Did Not Yield Sufficient Growth Capital? Or Result in a Liquid Stock? The transformative de-SPACing process is complete and you are a newly public company—now what? Maybe as a result of a higher level of redemptions, or a smaller accompanying capital raise, there is less capital than anticipated to fund the company’s growth. Or, the company’s growth plans have accelerated and it requires additional capital.

Many companies that emerge from business combinations with SPACs find that they have limited liquidity in the market for their securities or that the shareholder base needs to be refreshed. These companies have a variety of alternatives to address these challenges.

In the second session of our SPAC Series, panelists Brian Hirshberg and Anna Pinedo of Mayer Brown, and Raj Imteaz, Niren Nazareth, and Anna Shearer of ICR Capital, will discuss:

  • recent market trends;
  • convertible financings;
  • follow-on equity offerings;
  • warrant redemptions; and
  • securities considerations given the limitations applicable to shell (and former shell) companies.